• Goodbye Soccer Moms... Hello iPhone Moms

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    An interesting article in the Pioneer Press this weekend illustrates how the "soccer mom" is rapidly being replaced by the "iPhone mom."

    When Laurie Jesch-Kulseth gets a craving for fennel while at the supermarket with her two young kids, she doesn't just grab a batch of the tasty herb and head for the register. She whips out her iPhone, searches the Web for a good recipe incorporating fennel, fetches the extra ingredients and has a family dinner on the table within hours. Ah, the power.
    Indeed, the iPhone has revolutionized the convenience with which we lead our lives. But the article inadvertently exposes a reality that many of us may be noticing in our own lives - that the moms we know or call our own typically use their iPhone in the most bare-bones way possible.

    The matriarchs chronicled by Laurie Jesch-Kulseth in this Pioneer Press piece showcase how the iPhone helps moms stay organized, check the weather, make shopping lists, program "ICE" into their phones, etc. It really doesn't get any cooler than that for the new generation of "iPhone moms." And I, for one, kind of find that awfully sad. At present, there isn't a strong emphasis on mother-friendly applications in the App Store. And those that are tailored to moms aren't necessarily the most cutting-edge and contemporary in the digital storefront if you know what I mean.

    Fortunately, with the greater awareness of the iPhone's practicality for the moms of the world, developers and marketers may soon turn their attention to this rapidly growing segment of the population.

    Greystripe, an advertising network focused on mobile devices, has encouraged its clientele to target iPhone-using mothers via prominent ads embedded in a range of free iPhone apps. A recent Greystripe report titled "The iPhone Mom" highlights the powerful role of such women as primary decision makers when it comes to household buying.
    For now, searching the top "mom-friendly" apps for the iPhone yields results that prove more kid-friendly than anything.
    For example, mommypoppins.com lists the following as some of the best iPhone apps for moms:

    • Scribble (FREE) —Lets kids (or parents) draw with their finger right on the screen and then shake to erase, like an etch-a-sketch. Great for little kids.
    • Bubbles (FREE) — Make and play with bubbles. Perfect for distracting toddlers.
    • Super Monkey Ball ($9.99)— Of course there are a gazillion DS style games for the iPhone

    Hopefully, the future for "iPhone moms" will include at least a few more applications that really are designed for moms and not just distractions for their little ones. Moms, after all, deserve to have a little fun and enjoy the sillier side of life (and the iPhone) too.
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