• Utah: The Ultimate iPhone App Generator?

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    Who knew that Utah was the iPhone's secret little weapon?

    A story this weekend in the Salt Lake Tribune highlights the plethora of iPhone apps (some of which are the most popular around) that originate from... of all places... Utah.

    Want to play a 4,000-year-old Chinese board game? SmartGo is the application for you. Need to keep track of those bodily function to help you get pregnant? Lady Biz might be your app. From the silly to the just fun to the serious, Utah companies are contributing to the tens of thousands of apps for iPhones. The apps, both free and for purchase, are those little icons on the screen that when activated allow you to do all sorts of things, many using the Internet or the iPhone's built-in GPS unit.
    Few would have ever known that entrepreneurs in Utah play such a pivotal role in the booming business of iPhone applications.
    And although this article gives a great deal of credit to Utah (as it should), lets not forget to offer a hearty thanks to Apple, which makes it possible for developers anywhere to become part of this monumental juggernaut.

    Apple also greatly streamlined the development process for applications by opening up its computing platform to developers, giving them access to sell them easily on iTunes and offering them 70 percent of the revenues. Utah entrepreneurs appear to be leaping on the bandwagon and producing apps left and right, for themselves and on behalf of other companies. Some are even making a full-time living developing them.
    Although loyal Apple customers first and foremost appreciate the innovative products and entertaining attributes of the contemporary Apple product line, this holiday weekend we should note the business and employment opportunities that have been fostered as a result of Apple's work and innovation in the application realm.

    Only in difficult economies are self-made success stories truly pronounced. And thanks in part to the opportunities to develop iPhone applications for small organizations, large companies, and the masses, people everywhere from Utah to the farthest ends of earth are finding the inspiration and wherewithal to work for themselves within the opportunity-rich environment largely engendered by Apple.

    Definitely something worth remembering and celebrating this Labor Day.
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