• October 15th iPhone Launch in Israel May Be Delayed

    image via iphoneworld

    The global expansion continues for the iPhone as word comes today that Apple has approached the Antitrust Authority to ensure that its "activity with Israel's cellular operators" will be legal.

    Globes reported this morning that, at present, the iPhone is scheduled for availability in Israel October 15th. However, there may be obstacles ahead of launch that could delay the iPhone's release - at least temporarily - in Israel.

    Apple and Israel's cellular operators want to prevent a delay in the launch and meet the planned timetable. Because of the upcoming holidays, Apple is unlikely to reach an understanding with the Antitrust Authority by the planned iPhone launch date, and it is doubtful if the launch will take place on time.
    Some analysts believe that the iPhone and smartphone technology finding greater distribution in the Middle East is a monumental
    achievement far beyond just advancements in technology and commerce. Many see it as a global community growing closer, which, in turns, makes the world a safer, more open place.

    Political ramifications aside, the test for now is complicated by factors including Apple's policy to not allow cellular operators (including Israel's operators) to put their own logo on iPhones.

    It requires operators to sell the iPhone at a fixed price and to subsidize it to some degree, and compels them to use its only own material and marketing campaigns, and has made a slew of other very specific demands as well. These raise serious restraint of trade questions, especially since the issue involves the sale of a device by three operators who dominate the market.
    If the launch is to take place on October 15th, the three primary cellular operators in Israel will "launch the iPhone

    Traditionally, Apple likes to piecemeal together the introduction of the iPhone to a new, unfamiliar geographic location in order, as the Globes piece asserted, "to differentiate the device and improve sales." But where problems may now lie is in Apple's assumed agreement to let the iPhone roll out with three different, competing operators right out of the gate. Whether this constitutes a "restraint of trade" is yet to be seen.

    The countdown to October 15th is on.
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