• Flickr Finally Gets an iPhone App

    Image via Tech Crunch

    It seems Flickr is finally getting with the program. The hugely popular online photo sharing service is at long last debuting its own official iPhone app. And Tech Crunch has the scoop this morning on a development that should make a lot of photo-crazy iPhone users particularly jolly.

    "iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr, but Flickr (Flickr) hasn’t really returned the love to iPhone users…until now. Because, you know, having your website optimized for the iPhone is one thing, and having a full fledged, native application for the platform is another. The official Flickr iPhone app is finally here and it enables you to easily share the photos you’ve captured with iPhone’s camera, geo-tag them, and add them to sets."
    I am pleasantly surprised to report a positive first experience myself with the free app, which enables all the neat features, comment and search options that similarly make Flickr itself such a successful service. The Yahoo owned Flickr, which works on both iPhone and iPod Touch devices, also allows for naming and tagging new photos as well as assigning them to relevant sets and determining the permissions.

    There has been no shortage of third-party applications that used Flickr’s pictures, but this app matches the look and feel of Flickr proper much more closely than any of them. Individual photo pages look great and commenting is easy... The main page search functionality works well, and thumbnails are populated quickly. If you click on a photo, you can also go to a larger version loaded in a different screen that allows you to swipe left and right to move between images. It does not look like pinch to zoom works, however.
    If there are any immediate critiques it would be an apparent lack of social networking opportunities, particularly when it comes to pushing out images to Twitter, as Tech Crunch openly acknowledges. Otherwise, the functionality is terrific for an app that is long overdue.

    Incredibly, according to Flickr’s Camera Finder graphs, the iPhone, even with its "weak 2 MP camera and its lack of zoom" has surpassed the mighty Canon Rebel XTi as the #1 camera on Flickr. The new app is sure to put the nails in the coffin for any comeback Canon may have had in mind.
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