• VoiceActivator Tweak Coming to Cydia

    The developer behind a number of popular Cydia titles is getting ready to release a new voice control tweak that greatly extends native iOS functionality. Grant (@chpwn) Paul, who developed ProSwitcher with @Ryan Petrich, is previewing his upcoming VoiceActivator tweak via a YouTube video he's posted on Twitter.

    Many people who have used Voice Control on the iPhone have noticed the severe limitations of the app. If you want to do anything more than make voice or FaceTime calls, listen music or find out what time it is, Voice Control isn't going to be much help to you. What VoiceActivator does is give you a speech interface to @rpetrich's Activator, so you can use voice commands to do any action that Activator supports, like launching apps and opening webpages. In the video, @chpwn shows off how you can use VoiceActivator to take a screen shot.

    It's only been a little over a month since @chpwn asked people if they'd be interested in such an app, so the response was apparently good enough to motivate him. Much as the ProSwitcher app presaged iOS 4 multitasking, this tweak might be a preview of things to come: Apple has been hiring top voice recognition talent and may be adding functionality like this to future versions of iOS. jailbreakers, as usual, won't have to wait that long: @chpwn says he hopes VoiceActivator will be up on Cydia this week.

    Source: Twitter
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