• When Will Apple Finally Push the Right Buttons?

    Image via SkateandAnnoy

    Many Apple fans like myself love the cool games available for the iPhone and iPod.

    To a considerable degree, the gaming experience for the Apple product line can hold its own with the lineup available for any competing portable video game handheld maker - even the PSP, in my estimation. In addition to cost effectiveness and appearance, the outright game play for many titles just feels better on my iPhone. And it's impossible to place a value on the convenience factor of "game readiness."

    But as analyst Jeff Bakalar pointed out following last night's Apple event, there's still something missing from the iPhone and iPod gaming experience. And it's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is.


    It's tough to consider the iPhone as a legitimate gaming platform until Apple can offer some sort of tactile button functionality.
    Although the day after an Apple announcement seems a little premature to begin speculating about what next year's
    announcement may reveal, the often ignored Apple gamers are dying for a gaming themed extravaganza like the music-oriented
    spectacle we saw Wednesday.

    The way it currently stands, controlling such games on the iPhone or the iPod Touch is a frustrating mess. Players must navigate using a virtual D-pad, which isn't able to provide the accuracy or physical feeling an actual control pad offers on the PSP and the DS.
    It's no secret that Apple has an enormous and untapped potential advantage over competing handheld gaming devices.
    Because of the multiple functions that an iPhone, for example, can perform, even die-hard gamers will gladly overlook
    some superior characteristics of their DS or PSP just for the sake of their handy-dandy all in one Apple device.
    But gamers will eventually run out of patience rather than cultivate it if Apple doesn't make improving the gaming functionality a higher priority.

    The first step toward that goal--whether it be an add-on or hardware change--is to add buttons.
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