• whither the GPS bug?

    Users on Apple support forums are still complaining about loss of GPS functionality after upgrading to the 3.0 firmware release.

    As TUAW notes, some users are getting their iPhones replaced, even though Apple is not acknowledging that a bug exists. Some people have had success after rebooting their phone, or disabling 3G. And there have been reports that the problem went away after upgrading to 3.1 firmware.

    So a problem that may or may not exist can either be fixed with rebooting your iPhone, turning off 3G, replacing it with a new phone, or upgrading.

    I'm curious if any members out there have experienced problems with their GPS function, and how or whether they fixed it if so. I have noticed my blue dot creeping around of late, which reminds me more of my old Brickberry's cell triangulation than true GPS. But I'm not a heavy user of Maps.

    What are your experiences?
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