• Help MMi Super Contest | 30 Winners! Over $1500 in Cash and Prizes!

    Welcome to the MMi Needs Your Help Contest! We're very excited to be able to give out over $1,500 worth of cash and prizes to 30 winners thanks to our sponsors!

    What is This Contest?
    MMi is getting ready to expand and support more Apple products with some Apple related forums. While I was originally just going to ask for your help with posting I decided that idea was extremely lame. Instead we're holding a contest and giving prizes to 30 winners!

    How Do I Enter?
    Simply email your forum username to [email protected] and you will be added to our list of contest participants. After we process your email you'll be able to see the new forums at the bottom of the page. After that all you have to do is participate. Not Registered? Registration is easy.

    How Will We Decide the Winners?
    We will be giving out prizes to First, Second, and Third place. Winners will be decided by a conference between poetic_folly and myself once the contest is over. Basically we will determine who helped out MMi the most and that's who will win. Is that fair? Completely. Those who help out a lot will win. We don't care if our friends don't win. We don't care if someone we have never heard of wins.

    We are also giving away prizes in a raffle to everyone that enters the contest and posts five good threads. It's really simple to qualify for the raffle and there are very good odds of winning since we are giving away prizes to 27 raffle winners!

    Who Wins What?

    First Place
    - $100 from MMi
    - Ultimate Buds UB7EB
    - Brando iPhone Portable Power Power Station with Speaker
    - CoreCases iPhone 3g or iPhone or iPod Touch Case
    - PDOStore TopSkin
    - Case-Mate iPhone 3g Black Carbon Fiber Case

    Second Place
    - $75 from MMi
    - Ultimate Buds UB5
    - Brando iPhone Portable Power Station
    - CoreCases iPhone 3g or iPhone or iPod Touch Case
    - PDOStore TopSkin
    - Case-Mate iPhone 3g Naked Case

    Third Place
    - $50 from MMi
    - Brando iPhone Portable Power Station
    - Brando iPhone Telescope
    - CoreCases iPhone 3g or iPhone or iPod Touch Case
    - PDOStore TopSkin
    - Case-Mate iPhone 3g Second Skin Case

    Raffle -- 27 Winners!!!
    - CoreCases really stepped up here so 19 lucky winners will get their choice of an iPhone 3g Case or iPhone Case or iPod Touch Case
    - MMi will give out $50 to a winner
    - One winner will get a case-mate clear armor
    - One winner will get a case-mate privacy screen
    - One winner will get a case-mate screen protector
    - One winner will get a case-mate Napa Red iPhone Case
    - One winner will get a case-mate Vroom Case
    - Two winners will get a TopSkin From PDOStore

    - One Winner will get BodyGuardz for iPhone

    When Will it End?
    Either the 12th or 13th of September -- Plenty of time

    Below here.... the fine print.

    As with any contest, all entries must be unique or properly sourced. Plagiarizing, copying, stealing, or submitting work and claiming it as your own will result in disqualification. Any evidence of copyright or trademark infringement will result in disqualification of ALL the offenders entries.

    You can submit as many entries as you'd like, but please do us a favor and make sure they're quality entries. Trash entries are lame.

    The contest is open to Registered Users of ModMyI.com, with the following exceptions:

    • Residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Burma/Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, or The Democratic Republic of the Congo are ineligible to participate under United States Law.
    • Contest is void where prohibited by local, state, provincial, or government authorities, or elsewhere as prohibited by law.

    No purchase necessary to enter.

    Entries will be judged by ModMyI admin. Do not enter if you cannot stand losing. Disparagement of the winners or their entry may result in adverse action (read - flame, ban).

    *The contest is open to U.S. and International residents except as outlined above. In order to accommodate both US and international residents ModMyI.com will provide cash prizes in the form of either an Apple gift card or a pre-paid Visa card or paypal, whichever the winner prefers. Shipping will be done direct from the manufacturer or by ModMyI or a combination depending on the prize. ModMyI will be shipping exclusively with USPS and will not be held responsible for any failures on the part of USPS.

    All taxes and tariffs are the sole responsibility of the winner.

    By submitting your contest entry, you agree that all art, photographs, digital media and private information that you post are entirely yours at the time of submission. You further agree that these entries become the exclusive property of Modmy, LLC, and that you have not submitted, and will not submit such entries into any other contest without express written permission from an authorized agent of Modmy, LLC. If you are posting someone else's images or writing you agree that you will source them properly at the bottom of your post.

    ModMyI reserves the right to modify these terms to comply with the laws of the State of Colorado, to correct errors and/or omissions, to ensure fairness as determined by ModMyI, or for any other reason as deemed necessary by ModMyI.

    Your entry implies and expresses your agreement to these terms, and your waiver of any other rights related to such give-aways you may have in any jurisdiction.

    Apple, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Macintosh and the Apple logo are the property of Apple, Inc.
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