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    We're always looking for new ways to make the site more useful to you, the reader. We've done a few changes which we think you'll enjoy on the site - effective immediately, you can now sign in using only your Facebook login (no, your info isn't kept by us - its straight through Facebook Connect). Yup, you don't even have to register. Of course, you can also associate your user name you already have with your Facebook account. Simply log out, and log back in using the Facebook Connect button. You'll have the option to associate your Facebook account to your MMi account.

    And, even better - you can post new threads you make on MMi direct to your Facebook wall (if you want). You'll even get notifications on Facebook when you get a new PM on MMi, or when someone responds to one of your threads (again, only if you want).

    Brand new as well is a pretty sweet new menu on the site, which should really help to get you where you're going quicker. Cash has spent hours and hours and hours making something sexy to help you navigate MMi, and we think its turned out pretty nicely. Even in IE, for you bastards still using that ghastly beast.
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