• MMi at Macworld: Freehands Gloves Letís You Use Your iOS Device in the Cold

    Some of you might remember the reports of people using sausages as styluses to operate iPhones in the cold. I for one canít imagine doing this, but I guess it works for some people. Well now you donít have to get your iDevices all greasy with pork products anymore. Freehands has you covered in cold. They offer a full line of fashionable gloves that let you use your portable gear in cold weather. They have styles for men and women and a few unisex gloves as well.

    Most Freehands gloves have finger caps that can be folded back to expose your index finger and thumb. For those times when you donít want to expose any fingers at all, Freehands has the Power Stretch 2 and 5 finger gloves. They feature ďa silicone screen palm and of course conductive polyamide tips with silver plating to conduct electric energy from your fingers.Ē Prices range from $18 for fleece glove, up to $80 for cashmere ones. Most, however are priced in the $20 range.

    So if you're going to be out in the cold with your iPad, go grab yourself a pair of Freehands gloves and leave the sausages on the breakfast table where they belong.

    Source: Freehands
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