• An Introduction

    Hey all, my name's Owen. I've been interested in tech, particularly anything Apple branded for as long as I can remember. I worked in an Apple store a while, and have been modding all my gadgets for years. I'm currently a student studying Creative Writing in the UK.

    New to the ModMyi.com writing team, I'll be specialising in anything to do with jailbreaking, unlocking, upgrading, downgrading and any other hacks related to the Apple range of tech, I'm here to report the latest news to ModMyi readers and followers. I'll also be writing reviews of products, games, apps, services and again, anything to do with the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod world. I will be making an effort to answer any questions people may have related to their Apple products, so feel free to contact me via PM, email or by leaving a comment on any of my posts.

    I'm hoping to keep writing for MMi for as long as I can, and have been a follower of the site since jailbreaking meant an hour of typing in Terminal and fancy finger-pressing. I look forward to my time here and getting to know the huge number of readers!

    -- Owen
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