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    Modmyi.com visitors, members, and random people on the internet,

    My name is Phillip Swanson and Iím a new writer here at Modmyi.com. This is my formal introduction. Well, as formal as online introductions go. I promise not to Rick-Roll, Meatspin, or 2G1C any of youÖ. Maybe.

    Iím relatively recent college graduate (Journalism Major, Imaging minor) and currently working on my Masterís in communication at Western Michigan University. Iím majorly into film and video production as well as a tech whore. A deadly combination, which equates to me always wanting equipment I canít afford.

    Iím sure if any of you cared enough to find out more about me (please donít) you can google my name. Hint, Iím the one all the football articles are about. Yes I played Division-1 football for five years. I can still walk. I can still talk. These are things that working on a computer wont put in jeopardy. My large 6í4Ē 300 pound frame will most likely be wheel chair bound in the coming years so I plan to cherish what little time I have left amongst the working-two-legged folk.

    In all seriousness I look forward to sharing my love of technology and all things apple with the Modmyi.com community. Iíve tried to include a picture of me that shows off my best traits.
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