• Online Casino Games For iPhone

    Online Casino Games For iPhone

    Popular slots and video poker website Slotland.com has announced that, unlike numerous other providers, its mobile and web games do work on the new Apple iPhone.

    The iPhone was unveiled last week but has been designed to run with only the Apple applications provided. As a consequence, it does not support software from most mobile and online gambling providers and operates mainly as a web browser. Apple’s latest invention also does not allow users to download and install their choice of games nor does it support Java and Flash applications.

    “Like the iMac, Safari is the Internet browser built into the iPhone,” said John Lancelot, Mobile Games Manager of Slotland.com. “Officially, no third-party applications will be allowed to be installed on the Apple device so the web browser will likely be the only way to access casino games on an iPhone.”

    Slotland.com developed its games using html/xhtml technology rather than Java and Flash so it will be one of the few casinos that will operate normally on the iPhone.

    “Slotland has always been one of the few casinos that really worked well on web television browsers and, for the same reason, they’ll be the only ones to work in customized trimmed-down browsers like the one in iPhone,” said Lancelot.

    “Like a lot of people, we’ve been waiting for the iPhone for a long time because it has higher resolution, better quality, more graphical features and the touchscreen is going to be great for playing slots.”

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