• MMS on the iPhone

    Wednesday ModMyI member Suavphisticated has released MMS, a native iPhone app which can send MMS directly from your iPhone. MMS receiving is NOT yet implemented, but is in the development process.

    Great job Suavphisticated - this has been MUCH needed by the iPhone community! It will be interesting to see how MMS receiving is implemented here.

    MMS is available via the Community Source maintained by Ste.

    NOTE: this is still an early beta release. It is slightly buggy, but is working. You will need to set it up with your carrier MMSC info. Please add your carriers MMSC info to the Carrier APN Wiki so we can get a nice complete listing. There's a good list here too (thanks, mjaydb) You will also need MMS enabled on your account.

    Digg it.
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