• Change Mac Address Possible Greyed Out No Wifi Fix? [Testers Wanted]

    You folks remember our news post the other day about iPhone Linux project? Well maybe you can use ibooter to fix the annoying grey wifi problem many users experience when they screw up their baseband / commboard by changing the mac address of the iPhone. iphonelinux.org just posted some instructions on how to change the mac address using ibooter. For any of you that would like to give the method a shot to fix your grey wifi instructions are as follows (use at your own risk, we ARE looking for some confirmation here):

    Download Ibooter. Connect to ibooter and type the following: ( replace xxxxxxx with any mac address )

    setenv wifiaddr "xxxxxxx"
    printenv wifiaddr
    It will look something like this:
    Entering recovery mode, starting command prompt
    ] setenv wifiaddr "01:1c:b2:1c:2b:40"
    setenv wifiaddr "01:1c:b2:1c:2b:40"
    ] printenv wifiaddr
    wifiaddr "01:1c:b2:1c:2b:40"
    ] saveenv
    ] fsboot
    HFSInitPartition: 0x1806c298
    Loading kernel cache at 0xb000000...data starts at 0xb000180
    gBootArgs.commandLine = [ ]
    usb_interrupt_write: No error
    So anyone have one of those awfull greyed out wi/fi phones around? As much as I would like to break mine to test it out it would be so much nicer for one of our wonderfull users to provide some confirmation . If you try it please post your results.
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