• iLiberty+ - #1 Windows Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Activation for iPhone/iTouch

    We are proud to announce the release of iLiberty+. iLiberty+ is the combination of iLiberty and iPlus bringing you the best Windows software for releasing your iPhone or iPod touch from the grasps of Apple and ATT.

    thephoneproject | Download | Non-Member Mirror

    iLibery+ allows you to do the basic things like unlocking, jailbreaking and activation, but also adds in the flexibility of iPlus allowing you to load custom payloads from a nice GUI interface. If the standard features aren't enough for you there are a lot more options build -- you'll just have to download it, click the advanced tab, and check it out!

    OS X Version HERE

    Big credit goes out to francis, pepijn, George Zhu, AViegas, cmw, w__, Baalbeck, bgm, cRAKn, GeoHot, MuscleNerd, pumpkin, SoLoR, sunny, tjcarter, and the iPhoneDev Team.
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