• MMi at Macworld: Scosche myTrek Pulse Rate Monitor Coming This Summer

    Scosche has a full line of iOS accessories, but the new myTrek pulse rate monitor is one of the more innovative devices that I saw at this yearís show. You wear it on your forearm and it tracks your pulse rate with a companion app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It will be available this summer for $149.95. When you strap it to your arm, the myTrek monitor establishes a Bluetooth connection when you turn it on and begins transmitting data to your iPhone right away.

    The monitor syncs up with the free myTrek app to monitor your pulse rate, workouts and tracks your progress. It also displays an active graph of your pulse rate and the current workout mode that you are on. You can access your iTunes library as well, so you donít have to leave the app when you want to listen to your favorite workout playlists. The buttons on the device can be used to control the app, or they can be used to control music playback as well.

    At this yearís Macworld Expo, the usual array of interesting new Apple products could be found at every turn, but it was nice to see one company taking an interest in the health and fitness of their customers. When you walk around the floor of the show all day, you do burn quite a few calories, but I would hardly call it a workout. If you enjoy a good workout, however, then the myTrek pulse monitor is a great companion to help you do so more efficiently. Now if it would just stop snowing for a while so I could go for a run.

    Source: Scosche
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