• IntelliScreen Released For 2.0

    Goooooooodddd morning Vietnam!!!!!!! Or wherever you are reading this. Today is of paramount importance to thousands of jailbreakers the world over as today IntelliScreen, from the amazing developer(s) at IntelliBorn, has been released for that fresh (read: buggy) 2.0 firmware. To get it, Just check Cydia! Its on the ModMyI.com Cydia source (devs, need your apps hosted? let me know!).
    ANOTHER UPDATE: 2.0.2 is out ! You can fire up Cydia and check it out in all of its custom reminder and bug fix glory.

    I've been testing this for the IntelliBorn crew since Friday night/Saturday morning. There aren't a whole lot of new features in this release – for example you can now name a weather item to your liking as well as a few other minor improvements. The biggest jump I've noticed is in the speed of IntelliDial, the one button push from your lock screen to a coverflow of your favorite contacts upon which you can double tap and call.

    Overall I am VERY impressed with app and service they provided – I make no promises, but even without purchasing support often the developer will answer questions in one of the longest threads known to man.

    Unfortunately the way 2.0 handles screenshots I can not take any from the new verision actually on my lock screen, but here is what I could gather for ya –

    And some from their website –

    As I said, IntelliBorn has a very stable and wonderful app which makes the iPhone ridiculously more usable and fun – if you can believe it.

    The best news overall, everyone with a license from the 1.x releases has automatically updated to a 2.x licences –

    All Licensed users of 1.x have been upgraded to 2.x licenses.
    If you, like me, have moved on to a speedier phone contact IntelliBorn and they'll add your new serial number as well – from their FAQ

    Can I transfer my license to my new 3G iPhone?
    Yes - please contact us via the contact form to transfer your license. Please provide your original order # and iPhone serial #.
    Please contact InteliBorn about getting your license transfered here.
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