• TextGuru - Text Editing, File Sharing, Copy/Paste and More on the iPhone [sneak peak]

    We're jumping the gun a little bit with this post since TextGuru is currently waiting for approval from Apple before it hits the AppStore but this is just too cool and we are unable to deny you a sneak peak. The iPhone sadly is missing any kind of decent text editor but TextGuru should solve that issue while throwing in some other pretty awesome features.

    UPDATE: The app is now available via the AppStore, at the cool price of $4.99. Grab it!

    File sharing
    Use TextGuru File Server on OS X to open up a server where you can get files to your device. TextGuru has a built in server so you can retrieve files from the device using your web browser.

    Supported file types
    Supported files include TXT, HTML, PNG, H, M, C, JS, PDF, and TIFF files. microsoft office doc support is being implemented, as is syntax highlighting. It also supports viewing of binary files in raw hex and ascii text.

    TextGuru supports a number of text editing features, one of which is copy and paste. Copy and paste works easily and obviously can be used between documents but not between applications, although they are considering joining up with OpenClip if it isn't doomed.

    Document Search
    TextGuru supports a full document search, so you can search all of your documents for a certain phrase that may be within the document or in the title. Check out the sexy highlighting method in the screenies.

    Text Formatting
    Settings allow you to change the font and font size, bg color, and enable the server. however, it is NOT a rich text editor, more of a text utility.

    Simple Sharing
    TextGuru has integration with pastie.org and sprunge, and you can send via email (through mail.app). You can also download new files from pastie right from the app as long as you have the 6digit pastie ID (like http://pastie.org/259251).

    Web Dev
    TextGuru has a full web preview for HTML and PHP files and the like. You can save in multiple formats and delete files.

    Easy Sharing With Your Mac
    TestGuru can also be partnered with their Mac client allowing for simple file transfer between your computer and your iPhone.

    Here at MMi we are excited to see this hit the appstore and eagerly await its approval.
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