• Apple Wants to Know. Do You Like the iPhone 3g? MMi Wants to Know Too

    Well Apple wants to know wether you like their product or not. They have begun sending out a survey to find out just that. The message they are sending out with the survey simply says:

    Thank you for your purchase of the Apple iPhone 3G. We would like to ask you a few questions about your experience with your new phone. [...] The information you provide will be used to improve our product support. We will not use your responses to sell you products or services.
    We all know that the iPhone 3g launch and proceeding months has been hampered by issues. Is Apple trying to figure out what they have done wrong to improve their product in the future?

    Oh and when you get to the question asking where you have gone to get iPhone help be sure tell them modmyi.com

    We've made a little poll thing of our own, so be sure to take ours -- multiple answers allowed.

    [via theiphoneblog]
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