• We can Haz WinPwn 2.5!

    All those users who were holding their breath for a complete Windows Pwnage solution can now relax!

    Remember the WinPwn teasers you saw last week? After those teasers and couple of other software hitting the scene, cmw seems to have taken the case into his own hands with the new WinPwn, making it a full fledged Pwnage solution for Windows users!

    This new version packs a bundle of new features - like a completely revamped wizard style interface, different mode for different users (read: Basic and Expert modes), and a DFU helper has also been added so that you don't have to find the correct way anymore. Now you can even pwn your phone on a 64-bit Vista. This all comes with a bonus auto-updater like the sparkle system for original Pwnage Tool!

    There seems to be only a single rapidshare mirror in order to save the developer's bandwidth...

    If you face any difficulty, you can follow our tutorial here.

    P.S. Uninstall any old version before installing. Also, as this is the first beta, it may have some bugs, so use at your own risk! Oh, and post up some mirrors if you've got em. Enjoy Pwning

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    | MMi Member Mirror

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