• Podcaster Blocked From Distribution Outside App Store

    When Alex Sokirynsky's Podcaster App was rejected from the AppStore by Apple because "... Podcaster assists in the distribution of podcasts, it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes," Sokirynsky came up with a solution: distribute Podcaster via ad-hoc.

    It was good while it lasted but now Apple has shut that down as well. Originally Sokirynsky was able to create new sets of Podcaster 100 at a time to send out to whomever donated $10. Apple apparently doesn't like that business plan much and has removed the "remove device" link in Sokirynsky's account on the Apple developer website. Clicking that link is one of the necessary steps to get a new set of Podcaster out the gates and into donators hands.

    For now Sokirynsky believes that all the previously distributed versions of Podcaster will still work so users that donated and received a copy wont be SOL. Sokirynsky also plans on making an update and distributing to all of those that purchased a copy of Pocaster after he tests it on his personal phone -- he does warn to keep a copy of version 1.0.8b just in case.

    The future of Podcaster is looking grim as far as the AppStore goes but it doesn't appear that the app is going away any time soon. Sokirynsky plans on making Podcaster for the Andriod platform and is also looking into the possibly of bringing Podcaster to Jailbroken iPhones.
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