• Clearer Calls for the iPhone with QB-EM Shielding?

    Anyone who has owned or used an iPhone near electronic devices, such as car radios, computer speakers, or various audio receivers has probably experienced some degree of interference or static between the iPhone and the other electronics.

    The company, QuickBridge Solutions (QB), has promised to solve this annoying problem with the release of its newest product, the QB-EM shield. What is more, is that this shield only costs a meager $3.99.

    The QB-EM shield functions by blocking the electromagnetic impulses coming from the iPhone. The issue of interference is most problematic with first generation iPhones and the iPhone 3Gs that reverted back to the EDGE networking instead of the 3G networking.

    QuickBridge says that the root cause of the interference problem are the electronic devices that do not meet the FCC’s standards or do not have the proper EMI and RFI shielding. QuickBridge also boasts claims that 80% to 90% of all interference will be blocked.

    The QB-EM shield itself is pretty nifty. It is shaped just like as business card, and all an iPhone owner has to do is put the QB-EM shield at the back of the iPhone case or docking station near the bottom. The shield has to cover the black stripe on the lower back section of the iPhone. Also, QuickBridge manufactures the QB-EM shield in three different designs; Leopard Skin, Lightening Bolt, and Space Cloud.

    I have to admit though…I am somewhat unsure. This issue of interference is by no means new. It has been around since the 1990s when all the GSM phones first started coming out. I am just curious why no one has thought of this sooner. And for only four bucks, it sure is promising a lot.

    Source: ipodnews
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