• LockScreen Tricks with LockDockBar and QuickUnlock

    Both released tonight via the MMi Cydia repo LockDockBar and QuickUnlock provide some extra features and functionality to your iPhone's lockscreen.


    This utility puts your Phone, Mail, SMS, and Calendar apps on your lock screen above slide to unlock for quick and easy access. Just a quick install from Cydia and you can access all four of the applications mentioned above with a quick finger tap from the lockscreen. No slide to unlocked needed.


    QuickUnlock provides more options for locking/unlocking your iPhone. If your phone is locked simply hit the home button three times to unlock temporarily. After you hit the home button three times you'll be able to browse around your home screen for 10 seconds. If you do not choose an app or hit the home button again during those ten seconds your phone will re-lock automatically.
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