• New App Allows you to Control Lights in your House with iPhone

    There is a new app that will allow you to turn on/off or dim all the lights in your house. The app works with a lighting system by Lutron, the same company that developed the dimmer switch in the 1960s.

    The lamp in the picture above is screwed into one of Lutron’s modules. The module allows iPhone owners, with a simple app, to control their lights from across the room or from a different story in their house.

    The app also allows for your house to be separated into different zones, so the many lights do not get confusing.

    While the app is free and available in January, its been reported that to set up your house with all these modules would “cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

    Ok, so this is app takes things to a new level and you have to admit that this would be a great way to wow friends and guests who are over visiting your home, but I wonder how many people would actually use this because of the high up front cost? I could not justify the cost.

    Source: DVICE: Control the lights in your house using the iPhone
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