• iPhone and iPod Touch Revolutionary Gaming Devices?

    A few days ago the folks at Advertising Age noticed a new iPhone add on yahoo (the video above or you can see it in person here if it is still up) that showcases the iPod Touch as a gaming device. While the ad is interesting in itself as it takes the top half of Yahoo's page and makes it dance around with the advertisement a more interesting question can be brought up. Are the iPhone and iPod Touch really revolutionary gaming devices?

    If you are Apple the answer is a definitive yes. In addition to the expensive gaming advertising mentioned above Engadget reported today some quotes made by Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple John Geleynse during an Apple event held earlier today in San Jose. On the topic of the iPhone and iPod touch as possible competition to the Nintendo DS Geleynse called the iPhone a "gaming console" and went further saying "it's not a phone, it's a console experience."

    Sure you can play games on the iPhone and some of them are fairly neat but is the iPhone really a gaming console experience? I think not. I get it you move the iPhone around and the accelerometer allows you to control functions in a game. Its pretty neat for a bit but when it comes to more complicated games some real buttons would be nice. Like the Wii. Accelerometer with buttons makes sense. When controls in games require buttons the Iphone and iPod Touch rely on the touch sensitive screen which provides no tactile feedback to confirm that you hit the button which isn't very pleasing.

    Are the iPhone and iPod touch revolutionary gaming devices? I say no not really. What do you think? Take our poll and/or post below.
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