• iPhone Exclusivity Ruled Illegal in France

    Much like here in the states and across many other countries there is an exclusive iPhone carrier in France. On Wednesday the French competition authority barred the agreement between France Telecom SA (Orange) and Apple to have the iPhone sold exclusively through Orange in France saying that "by nature introduces a new factor of rigidity in a sector that already lacks competition."

    So for now while the case continues the iPhone can be sold by any operator in France. OF course the operator has to get Apple shipping them phones, their network has to be ready (of course 3g is the norm in Europe) and then this decision could be reversed down the line and so on and so forth. BUT they CAN -- maybe -- if they try hard?

    Too bad the here in the U.S. the iPhone will be exclusive to AT&T until their contract with Apple expires.

    [via ft & cnn]
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