• Real File Syncing for iPhone with Evernote

    Today, the team over at Evernote, who refer to themselves as the brain-replacement people, have finally made a solid solution for iPhone note taking.

    Evernote offers full documents synchronization, in other words you can sync not just your notes but anything you drag into them. Previously you could only add pictures and text, but thanks to Evernote you can drag in an Excel sheet, a Word document, a PDF or just about anything else and it will sync with all your devices.

    While this is all good, the real kicker is that you can open and edit the files and those modifications are reflected immediately upon syncing, and can be viewed on the iPhone. However, the files cannot yet be edited on the iPhone.

    Furthermore, you can then mail your edited documents right from your iPhone…and this feature is hard to come by even in the FileMagnet or AirSharing apps that are committed to viewing and storing files. This feature is also free, but the dock syncing features are 5$ a month.

    This would be great for business use – I’ll probably put up the 5 bucks and give it a try.

    Evernote Blog » Blog Archive » New Premium Feature: File Synchronization
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