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    You all know Cydia. You use it every day, or at least every week if you're less app-hungry. Its home to Cycorder, Backgrounder, dTunes, PdaNet, WinterBoard (and hundreds nearing thousands of themes), SBSettings, and more.

    We've now got Cydia indexed and searchable online at modmyi.com/cydia. Of course you can't download anything to your iPhone from there - Cydia has a great searching function built-in, and if you're ON your iPhone you should use it. If you've ever wanted to browse Cydia from a larger screen, or check what version of what app is most current, but you don't have your iPhone with you... etc, then this is for you.

    Comments and ratings will be added within a week (in development now, but we thought we'd let you guys see what's up there so far) as well as many new additions (want to see the same page you see in Cydia? coming soon). Oh, and of course it will all work with your existing ModMyi.com login info. We're working hard to get this smooth and useful to all of you.

    RSS feed for all the new Cydia apps, as well as for updates and changes? Sure thing - we'll have that out this week as well, or beginning of next. Only want a feed for new apps? Got that coming too.


    Try it out. Let us know what features you'd like added, tweaked, additions, etc and we'll work hard on 'em.
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