• iPhone Nano Coming Again - This Time for June - The Rumor Continues

    The iPhone Nano rumor that just wont die continues on with the latest possible evidence reported by AppleInsider. According to the Economic Daily News (in chinese) suppliers bidding for the rights to produce various components of the iPhone Nano for Apple is drawing to a close meaning that Apple has nearly decided who gets to build what for the device. Discussion/negotiations between Apple and product suppliers coming to a close soon would put production of the iPhone Nano on a good time line for a June release (if the rumored iPhone Nano exists of course).

    A June release would make perfect sense -- Apple likes to update its products in yearly cycles and holds the Worldwide Developers Conference in June where Apple has previously announced final details about the iPhone and iPhone 3g.

    While the evidence and rumors concerning this iPhone Nano continue to build (although they have been going on for a year, maybe more) I am still skeptical for a few reasons.

    Screen real-estate. Unless the iPhone Nano is going to have something very un-iPhone-like for example a slide out keyboard or something of the sort (a stylus?) a smaller screen may not work for may users. Some of us with big fingers already have some issues navigating the current phone.

    You say that there above point isn't valid and that Apple would just have less buttons / menu items on the screen. I say AppStore. The AppStore is Apple's bread and butter and imho has done leaps and bounds to further sales of the iPhone. I don't see Apple releasing anything named iPhone without the AppStore. Since many of the thousands of Apps on the AppStore are designed to specifically work on the current iPhone's resolution one of six things would need to happen to have the AppStore and the iPhone Nano.
    • Fitting the same resolution in a smaller screen. This would make everything work but be smaller and possibly unusable if it is just a touch screen device.
    • Stylus or other keyboard or something to control the phone. That isn't very iPhone-like. Those have been very standard control methods on phones for ages. Apple likes moving forward with technology not backwards.
    • Apple edits all the current apps or insists that devs make another version for the iPhone Nano. If the devs don't re-do an app for the iPhone Nano then it is not sold/downloaded by iPhoe Nano users. Pita and not a good option. The developers have already spent time energy and money developing their applications for the screen of the current iPhone. The iPhone Nano AppStore would start at ground zero with all the work that people have put into the AppStore being irrelevant.
    • No AppStore. No way.
    • There is no iPhone Nano
    • Apple has thought of something really nifty to sort the issue all out

    While I am currently a doubter of the iPhone Nano if it does exist and is coming soon and Apple does execute correctly they could probably sell it at an entry level price point of $99, sell a freaking ton of them, and haul in mega cash. They should be coming out with an entry level iPhone or iPhone Nano the question is if they are.
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