• [Preview] - Jailbird - replacement for Winpwn

    There is a new program being developed based on xpwn called Jailbird. It will jailbreak, activate and unlock your first generation iphone or first generation ipod touch and jailbreak and/or activate the iPhone 3G. It is a complete replacement for Winpwn which will build custom IPSW files and support firmwars 2.0 - 2.2. The initial release is scheduled for sometime in February and will include root partition resizing and custom boot images.

    The developers of this project are:
    The Dev-Team (iGods)
    difrnt (Programmer for Jailbird)
    Doc (Graphics Artist for Jailbird)

    This is great news for all the windows users! If you have any specific questions the devs have requested you send them to [email protected]

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