• [ COMING SOON ] StarPlayr: Sirius/XM on the iPhone

    Sirius/XM is not quite a stranger to the iPhone - uSirius was released back in June of 08 to jailbroken users, and worked... and was buggy at best. The app was released by Millard Software, whose namesake Jason Millard is now teamed up with the folks at StarPlayr to release a prettied up, completely revamped, AppStore Sirius/XM app under the StarPlayr name. It should hit sometime this month.

    The app had been mentioned throughout the web a few times in late 08 as a possibility, but has now been released in private beta. The app works with the Sirius/XM internet feed, and most (but not all - yup, Stern is there, but no live sports, strangely except for Notre Dame College Football games) of their channels are available through it. The app streams over WiFi (I saw no indication it would work with 3G yet EDIT: seems forum posters here and at NiceMac are saying it works over 3G) at 128 kbps and features lyrics as well as album art in app.

    You'll need a subscription to XM/Sirius online to listen (which is $7.99/month). No word yet on pricing, but the Windows Mobile version of their app sells for $9.99.

    thanks Jon for emailing us the tip!
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