• [ VIDEO ] iControlPad in Action

    ZodTTD and his band of merry men have been working on the iControlPad (D-pad and more for your iPhone) for a few months short of a year now. Today he published a video of the thing in action, playing quake4iphone.

    Back in December you saw news that they'd started production. The project is still jailbreak only - no official Apple support means this is currently something you'll be using with your ZodTTD apps mostly - quake4iphone, gpSPhone, genesis4iphone, etc. The iControlPad guys are also releasing all the necessary info for any devs who would like to add support for the iControlPad in their own apps. Again - jailbreak only right now, but who knows what Apple may approve if this proves to be a success in the jailbreak community.

    thanks chi_towner1 for the tip
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