• iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 Features Exposed to the World !?!

    Apple has not launched a new firmware for quite sometime (not even a small update) since the release of 2.2 version So, we all are excited about the new features coming in the next release but, the leaked feature list doesn't seem to be doing much justice with our aspirations!

    Though none of these new features have been confirmed in anyway, they seem to be enough for a small update. First, this new update will include a number of bug fixes which an end-user would rarely even notice. These fixes include fixing the super slow sync speeds which many users (including me) face daily on a PC. The new features are not really big, but include certain interface changes in the SMS application interface and some new features for the Mail application targeting the Corporate users. Another feature which is said to be under beta is deleting all mails at once rather than selecting each in the Mail application. This new version is speculated to release in the upcoming few weeks.

    Also, there is another rumor that the next major 2.3 update, which has no confirmed release date will include some sort of option for Bluetooth synchronization with iTunes - but I think this is highly unlikely due to Apple's non-seriousness about other bluetooth issues on iPhone.

    [via Planet-iPhones]
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