• Lights Off: First Ever Native iPhone Game is Back

    Lights Off, the first native iPhone game to ever be released, back in August of 2007, has returned for AppStore. Steven Troughton-Smith, author of Stack for iPhone and the guy who ported DOOM to the iPhone, has now recreated Lights Off from scratch, working with the original artist, and has made it a reality for 2.x iPhones. It will be coming to an AppStore near you very soon.

    Although its not approved quite yet, its in the queue and Steven says the Apple testers have been communicating with him and love it - they've done pretty good on the first few levels. It should be available for purchase any day now, at a price of $1.99.

    Game play is great - this is one of those games that make full use of the iPhone's pros - namely the large touch screen. The game idea is simple - turn all the lights off on the board. Tapping any of the 25 squares on the board changes its status and any adjacent squares. For example, if you tap a lighted square, and the squares to the top, bottom, left, and right of it were all unlit, they will then be lit and the square you tapped will go dark. The object is to get all lights off with as few taps as possible.

    The graphics are great and the animations are as well (nice job, Adam Betts), which makes this fun time-waster even more enjoyable to play. Its deceptively simple - you'd think it'd be a cinch, but as I progressed through the levels I found myself challenged enough to keep me opening the game throughout the day.

    We've also heard that there's a 1.1 update planned in the near future bringing bonus levels, theming and a 'possible online component'...

    Oh, and the website they tossed up for the app is pretty sweet, too.

    Lights Off for iPhone

    Edit: It up! iTunes Link
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