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    The other day a new entertaining game called osu! went live on Cydia via the MMi repo. Reminiscent of Tap Tap Revenge osu! is a rhythm and music based game where you tap and slide on the correct beat. What osu! does differently is gameplay is controlled by user made maps of various songs which you download via your iPhone to play.

    MMi: What future features are you thinking of adding?

    nuudles: Probably at the least, general storyboard support since that infrastructure is kind of already there, but that's looking optimistically. Online scoreboards are possible, but not being focused on. Multiplayer... may be stretching a bit, but who knows? Official skin support is probable, meaning dropping in skins from the PC version and them just working.

    MMi: Will this be a Cydia-only app?

    nuudles: Eventually osu! will be available to download on the App store, pending Apple's approval. Initially, osu! will be $0.99 for a short while to make up the initial license fee Apple requires. After that period, I will make osu! free. This will also be released on Cydia and will always be free there. I'm curious to see if it will be cracked and distributed even though the same version is already free on Cydia.

    MMi: Can users contribute to mapping songs?

    nuudles: Users are greatly encouraged to map songs, as that's one of the features that makes the osu! community so strong. Unfortunately, I can't even dream of creating a map editor as full-featured as the one available on the PC and I feel that the mapping experience on the device will be too limited to be useful. Therefore, my recommendation is to download the official PC version of osu! which has the editor built-in and give that a try. Any beatmaps created on the PC should inherently work on the iPhone version. For more information, check out the Editing section of the FAQ on the official website:

    osu! - FAQ

    MMi: Have you developed any other apps for iPhone?

    nuudles: This is my first iPhone app, but I intend to continue doing it. The whole reason I made this game was to teach myself the intricacies of programming for the iPhone platform.


    you can grab osu! by going into Cydia and searching for "osu"
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