• Latest Firmware Hints at an Upcoming iPhone Model!?!

    Apple launched the original iPhone 2 years back in June and then the iPhone 3G in July last year. As this is the third year in series, we all expect a newer version of this revolutionary device. What's better is that as per some solid proofs found by MacRumors, it seems that they have already been working on it!

    The latest 2.2.1 firmware has an iPhone product model 2,1 hidden deep inside the metadata. Apple uses these numbers to differentiate different hardware versions. So, this hints at a new version of the iPhone as the model of current 3G version is just 1,2. This new model number can be located in USBDeviceConfiguration.plist of a decrypted firmware.

    Another proof of the above is that a developer from PinchMedia have also pointed towards web hits from this new model number based on server reports.

    Now, this could very well be a typo by some Apple software expert but for now, it seems to be quite truthful.

    [via MacRumors]
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