• Rumor: Premium Gaming Section Coming to App Store

    There are new rumors circulating that a new section of the App Store dedicated to top-notch gaming titles may be coming soon.

    Sources say that the section will cater to titles in the $20 plus range and that games will have to meet stringent requirements for quality and value as decided by Apple.

    You would think that this would help with the issue some developers have with Apple's policies stifling innovation in the App store by promoting cheap apps. But AppleInsider reports that "Oddly, however, the report claims that the initiative will be open only to a restricted number of commercial game publishers, shutting out the thousands of smaller developers responsible for helping the App Store thrive from the onset."

    In an interview just this week, Apple vice president of iPhone and iPod product marketing Greg Joswiak talks about this: He defended the existing system by which games and applications get to prime placement in the App Store, pointing out the App Store's reviews "because if a small guy makes a title that gets good ratings, it tends to bubble up: the cream does rise." He further said, "You get the one or two-developer shops like the Pangeas, who are doing a great business, with anecdotal stories like paying off their home mortgages after a month or two of being in the store."

    The rumor speculates that the idea of the premium game shop would be to get iPhone users to spend out of their comfort range (which Joswiak thinks is between $7 an $14) to try out the very best in mobile device gaming.

    I think a section for premium gaming would be sweet, but I think they should open it to little guys too, or else they're not giving smaller developers a chance to "rise." For now it's all just rumors though.

    source: AppleInsider | Rumor: Apple planning premium game section of App Store
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