• New AT&T E-mail Ad Campaign Begs Users Not to Switch To Verizon

    In a new advertising campaign, which I'm sure has nothing to do with pre-orders for a certain device beginning tomorrow, AT&T is putting forth a last-ditch effort to attempt a mass exodus of iPhone users to Verizon.

    The e-mail, sent to customers, bluntly states that only on AT&T could you "make a call" while you read this email." It is true, AT&T's GSM network does allow for simultaneous voice and data, where Verizon's CDMA technology does not, but AT&T is clearly worried that official end of iPhone exclusivity will see many customers flocking to Verizon for their iPhone 4.

    Meanwhile, as Verizon prepares to allow current customers to order iPhones as early as 3:00 AM EST, the idea of a shakeup and a change of customers is certainly not out of the question. It makes sense for AT&T to highlight it's only major advantage over the CDMA iPhone 4, but as AT&T has struggled to offer consistent call quality after an influx of customers during the time of their iPhone exclusivity, many customers who have the option may opt for the promise of better phone service, and choose to give up this feature.

    Electronista is quick to point out that an exodus might actually help improve service for AT&T. If enough people leave for Verizon, particularly in heavily congested areas, it ironically could improve call reliability for customers who stay on AT&T, wouldn't that be a strange turn of events

    Alas, time will tell whether a wave of customers move their iPhone allegiance from AT&T to Verizon, and whether it will be immediate or a slow process. Interestingly enough, the simultaneous voice/data will become a non-issue, as both companies launch and expand their 4G LTE service.

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