• [ RUMOR ] Next iPhone Model to be Released in June

    Emirates Telecommunications - Etisalat, a United Arab Emirates, is getting the iPhone February 15th. What does that have to do with you (uh, if you are not in the UAE)? In the same interview with the Dow Jones when Mark Davis, Program Director for iPhone at Etisalat, announced they'd be getting the iPhone on February 15th, he apparently also said although they were getting this version late than many countries, the

    next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time.
    Phil Schiller also hinted at this in an interview with David Pogue after MacWorld, when he said that Apple sticks to annual product schedules, of which the iPhone's is in June.

    Recently, mentions of a new hardware revision have been discovered in the iPhone firmware, reaching back a few firmware cycles.

    Other sites are also wondering what happened to Apple's promised Push notification, and noting that a major hardware revision may be necessary to improve backgrounding ability if Push isn't coming. I'm not sure exactly what they're bsing that on though - Ashikase's Backgrounder has been holding up decently. Improved hardware can't hurt, though.

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