• Apple Asked Google to Not Use Multi-Touch. Google Said Okay

    When the Android G1 came out many were dissapointed from the lack of multi-touch support. The iPhone remains the multi-touch king so to speak in the mobile phone business. Many have speculated over the reasoning behind Android's lack of multi-touch support while others have [ame="http://modmygphone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13341"]added it in themselves[/ame] later. Finally a Venturebeat source on Google's Android team has come clean.

    Google has not included multi-touch support in their Android platform because Apple asked them not to.

    Apple and Google have a good relationship together. Apple has google as the default search engine in the iPhone browser, has gmail settings pre-programed into the iPhone, Google maps as a default app, etc. Google makes nice apps for the iPhone like Google Sync Beta, Google Earth, and Google Voice and more. Both are competing against Microsoft.

    Aside from the good relationship between the two companies Google might have agreed to Apple's request for fear of legal ramifications. Apple has a ton of patents floating around all over the place and does hold patents for the multi-touch technology used in the iPhone. Everyone should know by now that Apple loves to throw their legal weight around when it comes to their intellectual property. Undoubtedly if Apple feels that a competitor's product threatens the iPhone they will be looking for ways to keep their dominanace and a lawsuit is not out of the question. Because of the possible legal implications the Google Android Team member was even relieved that Google chose to not implement multi-touch in the Android platform.

    Did Google abandon multi-touch because they are friends with Apple? Did they abandon it out of fear of a lawsuit? Does Google know something else that kept them from adding in multi-touch? Is it simply because Google chief executive Eric Schmidt is on the Apple Board of Directors? Who knows. I think the Palm Pre is in some risk from Apple legal.

    [via venturebeat]
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