• Oregon Trail - Welcome to the iPhone

    My favorite thing to do in 1st grade (I think it was first at least... who can remember?) was computer time. An hour a day, we got to play on the computers (Apple ][, baby), which all had the best game ever loaded on them - Oregon Trail (click that link to play it online - sweet). Fight dysentery! Ford rivers! Hunt! Not only was I blazing across the 1848 frontier, as a carpenter from Illinois with my 4 companions, I was also... learning. Egads.

    According to IGN, Gameloft is developing an iPhone version of the popular 80s game, complete with updated graphics (although I would pay double if there was an option in the game to use original graphics).

    No word yet on pricing or specific release date (IGN just says "February 2009"), so keep on the lookout.

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