• Sygic Demos Their iPhone Turn-by-Turn at MWC09

    I previously mentioned at the end of our xGPS post that Sygic would be showing off their turn-by-turn navigation app at the Mobile World Conference this week and low and behold they did! Dieter Bohn of theiphoneblog had the opportuntiy to grab some shots and check out what Sygic has done.

    The application looks very pretty with the fancy 3d view and is also packed with the features you would expect like voice prompts, POIs, multiple country support, directions, the maps stored locally on the phone (Europe=2gb), etc etc etc.

    The bad news? The public probably will not see this app any time soon. Sygic plans on submitting it to the AppStore soon and the odds of it being rejected are nearly 100% since Apple has already made it clear that they do not accept these types of apps. Further bad news is that Sygic does not plan on distributing this as a jailbreak app if it fails Apple approval.

    Still looks pretty though . . .

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