• AT&T Adding 2GB Extra Data to DataPro + Tethering Plan

    AT&T announced today that they will be extending its DataPro + Tethering Mobile Internet plan for smartphones from 2 GB to 4 GB. This news comes as a pleasant surprise, particularly for current iPhone users who are looking jealously at Verizon's unlimited data + 2GB tethering plans.

    The change will take affect February 13th, and comes out just as AT&T prepares to launch their first 4G phone, as well their well-documented loss of iPhone exclusivity. It is unknown at this time whether this will affect the 'mobile hotspot' feature found on iOS 4.3, the next version of iOS that is currently in beta and only available to devs.

    AT&T will automatically add the additional 2GB of monthly data usage to smartphone customers already on a tethering plan - at no extra charge.
    This change does bring some added value to one of the two current iPhone data plans on AT&T. For iPhone users, this means the $45/month will allow for 4GB of data, the most currently available (unless you were grandfathered into the old unlimited plan.)

    It looks like AT&T is continuing to make every effort to entice current customers with new perks in order to maintain its customer base that grew substantially during their good ol' days of iPhone exclusivity.

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    image: mashable.com
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