• Apple Cracking Down on Emoji Icon Easter Egg

    If you aren't familiar with Emoji icons they are popular pictures/emotions used in Japanese wireless messages. The iPhone (2.2 +) comes pre-loaded with these little icons but the menus are disabled.

    Aside from the Cydia download to enable them there are many applications on the AppStore like Typing Genius ($0.99) and Spell Number (free) that enable these Emoji icons. Apple doesn't seem to like developers on the AppStore enabling this Easter egg on its devices. Apple removed the application Miscalculator from the store with no warning to the developer because it was enabling the Emoji easter egg. Since then the developers of the other Emoji-enabling applications have received notices that their applications need to become Emoji-free or risk being removed from the AppStore.

    If you want to get Emoji icons enabled via the AppStore rather than Cydia this is your last chance to grab one of the many applications that enable it. I recommend Spell Number (because it is free).

    1. Have firmware 2.2 or above
    2. Download Spell Number
    3. Launch it
    4. Type in 9876543.21
    5. Exit Spell number
    6. Go to General->Keyboard->International Keyboards->Japanese and enable Emoji

    thanks Justin for the tip

    EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that if you use iChat on your Mac all of the Emoji icons have been converted for use with iChat. You can grab them here.
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