• BTW xGPS 1.2 for GPS Turn-by-Turn Voice Nav Went Public

    Something else that happened during my internet outage! xGPS 1.2 which we gave you a sneak peak of back in February went live. The previous version saw 162078 downloads from our repo and at the time of this posting 121098 have downloaded version 1.2. That leaves about 40,000 of you that still need to update. Do it. The price is right (free). It's worth it I promise . Give some props to the devs!

    From the xGPS folks:
    Everybody would say: Finally! Yes, xGPS 1.2 has been released. The version has been sent to the MMI repository and will be available within some hours. It should be in everybody’s Cydia as the MMI repository is installed by default. Just do a refresh within some hours and xGPS should pop up.

    This version of xGPS has required us a lot of hours of work. We have tried to bring the most advanced and stable navigation software for the iPhone / iPod touch. However, even if we have made our best, you have to keep in mind that this software is free but not bug free. If you experience such a bug feel free to ask in the forum but do not say “It doesn’t work, it’s crappy”.
    Don't forget you can also download their manager for your desktop. If you're having trouble feel free to ask other MMi members here or mosey over to the xGPS forum
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