• Dev Contracts Expiring, Apple does not have a clue! What to do?

    The AppStore has just reached 25,000 app mark but it seems that some of them might be disappearing. Though the AppStore was launched on 1st June last year, many developers signed up in March itself. According to people familiar with contact, Apple claims to give a renew option within ninety days before expiry date but it is yet to be provided, given expiry date is only a few days/ weeks away!

    Contract renewal is not the only problem. Some developers even report that their contract application- deposited months ago- is yet to be approved. This is not the case for paid apps only. In fact, those developing free app, which require less of documentation are yet to get their contracts approved.

    Our corporate contract, submitted around December of last year, has yet to be approved after more than two months. And this is merely for a free app!
    It seems that Apple wasn't really ready to face this amount of success with the AppStore. To top it off, when Erica Sadun called the ADC support, she was asked to wait for a renewal option as Apple is putting a new system in action which was not planned at the time of AppStore release. The representative even revealed that they were being flooded by such questions as a number of developers are facing this major problem! The only satisfying fact that the representative told was that the previously approved apps won't be removed from the AppStore, even after the associated contract expires. Here's one of them expressing his feelings on the issue:

    It makes it really tough to continue development,
    Though it is expected that Apple will soon do something on this issue, but it is really a big turn-off for those developers who have worked really hard to achieve the top spot in AppStore and not to forget, earned millions of dollars.

    If you're one of the developers facing the preoblem, let us know how you feel.

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