• Goodbye Starplayr

    It was a nice dream. Sirius XM satellite radio on the iPhone via the App Store. Unfortunately after StarPlayr was submitted to the App Store it was never able to make it through (presumably some Sirius XM pressure was behind the denial). Now StarPlayr is officially done for good.

    What have we learned? If you have something cool going on many different platforms and haven't had legal troubles from companies like Sirius XM then by all means DO NOT progress what you are doing to the iPhone. It appears that the move towards iPhone awesomeness caught a little bit too much attention (in the wrong way) from Sirius XM. StarPlayr has been enjoyed by many on their Macs and Windows Mobiles; further enjoyment by many more will never come to fruition.

    While NiceMac doesn't come out and say directly that Sirius XM has shut them down it wouldn't be a stretch.
    Written by NiceMac
    Sunday, 08 March 2009 04:01
    To all of our fans and customers:

    NiceMac has decided it is in our best interests to discontinue the StarPlayr project. NiceMac will be issuing refunds for purchasers of StarPlayr for Windows Mobile on a first come first serve basis until corporate funds have been exhausted.

    To request a refund simply copy and paste your StarPlayr for Windows Mobile PayPal receipt via the Contact us Email form.

    We would all like to thank you for your support, kind words, understanding and patience throughout. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

    The NiceMac Team


    This has been the greatest privilege and honor working with this fantastic NiceMac team. Never in my wildest dreams we would have accomplished so much together. In my book, you are all heroes. Good luck in your future endeavors and enjoy the success in everything you do. I hold your programming abilities and entrepreniual spirit to the highest regard. Thank you. Sincerely, goodtime
    Last Updated on Sunday, 08 March 2009 14:07
    Oh well. Maybe Sirius XM is going to put out an iPhone app of their own. One can only hope . . .

    thx everyone who sent this in
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