• Google Can't Bear the Pressure, Shuts Down Free SMS Service for App Devs!

    Innerfence recently launched an app named Infinite SMS which allowed you to send unlimited SMS for free. The service used a free service from Google currently in "Experimental" stages - according to Google. The app soon reached the Top 10 list on AppStore and that's where the trouble started.

    According to Google, they had to cut them off because of the app's HUGE popularity; stating they were unable to cope with the expenses. And being an experimental service, Google was not willing to bear the extra costs, so BOOM - they blocked the developer.

    The developer doesnít have much to say but they have tried to express their grief in just a few short sentences.

    Google has claimed no grievance with Infinite SMS other than its success. Their given reason for the block isnít abuse or wrongdoing; itís that we brought too many users (and thus too much cost) to an experimental service,
    Seems like a tremendous fail for Google. Being one of the biggest in the cyber world, they were unable to hold the pressure from a single app? That should mean if your app is in TOP 10, youíre making big bucks. At the same time, though, should they have any responsibility at all for maintaining 100% free access to their services for folks to make a profit? If it wasn't in the TOS, then I don't see why they should feel any pressure NOT to block them.

    For now, the app has been discontinued and we don't think it will re-appear soon. What about all those who have already purchased it? Many of them should be getting the Error Message 10 while sending.

    The developerís statement explains a bit about their situation as well.

    Apple does not give app developers any way to perform refunds. Hopefully, at 99Ę people will feel like our app paid for itself after only a few messages.
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