• iPhone 3.0 Announced and Detailed. Everything you wanted except Flash.

    We've known the 3.0 iPhone firmware announcement was coming for a few days now. Today at the Apple town hall event, details were released... and they are glorious.

    Coming "this summer," iPhone OS 3.0 will have over 100 new features, including some ones we've been asking for quite a while.

    Here's the highlights:


    (image care of to Gizmodo)

    Copy/Paste FINALLY arrives in full Apple-implemented regalia. It will work in all apps (whose devs allow it) and is activated by double-tapping the screen, then dragging either way in the text to expand the selection. Cross-application copy/paste will work fine unless app devs specifically disallow it. Oh - and it works with photos as well.

    Spotlight. Search anything.

    (image care of to Engadget)

    Including Mail. At the moment you'll only be able to search message headers, not content - although that may come later. And you'll be able to search ANY local data, whether in an Apple application or AppStore app.


    Complete. Working. MMS.

    Landscape keyboard.

    This will work in Mail, Notes, etc.

    3G Tethering.

    We've been the main host for all jailbreak iPhone tethering applications, and Apple is now introducing an official way of doing so as well. Tethering allows you to use your iPhone's data connection with your laptop or computer for full net on the computer.

    Stereo Bluetooth Audio.

    Connect any Bluetooth audio device that supports stereo, and your iPhone will blast two-channel goodness right into your wireless ears.

    Sync your Notes with iTunes.

    Automatically get those Notes to your computer, instead of having to email them each time you want them local.

    Turn by turn GPS directions.

    xGPS, hosted by ModMyi and created by xWaves, has already filled the turn by turn GPS hunger for us jailbreakers, and Apple is now announcing the same feature built right into OS 3.0.

    In-app Purchasing.

    Developers can now sell items directly through their apps (kinda like some of those Mafia apps already sneakily do) using features in the new SDK that will be shipping for 3.0. (Developers already have access to test it out!)

    Push Notification.

    Promised months and months and months ago... Apple is finally delivering on Push notification for your device come OS 3.0.

    Whew... there's even more features (check out Apple's event video for more info), but the good news is this - there's a lot coming in the summer.

    via Apple, Gizmodo, Engadget
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